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Wood floors created impression of elegance, warmth, naturalness, and define an ambience. Ruang Utai wood floors are made from solid Rubber Wood with the state of art coloring process. So, it will help to enhance your house value and create delightful ambience. In order to sustain that peak impression, wood floors require regular cleaning and maintenance. We recommended a few and easy cares guide for you to enjoy our products last longer.

Daily cleaning
  • customers are encourage to dust mop, vacuum or sweep with soft bristle broom daily to remove dirt and dust from the surface of our products.
  • if the floor is wet, please wipe it immediately. Leaving water drops on the floor too long will allow it to penetrate into wood floors and thus make them swollen or stained with water mark.
  • Always place tray under your flower pot.
  • Please care for the areas that are likely to expose to water constantly such as kitchen or bathroom. Always place mats in those areas.
Hot carpet or heater
  • Please install recommended insulation materials from your heater supplier between heater and wood floors.
  • Place floor protector pads on the legs or contact points of furniture and fixture.
Wood floors condition
  • Since your  wood floors are made from real solid woods, it is possible for them to slightly shrink or swell based on the relative humidity. Using air condition continuously will significantly reduce the relative humidity and might create some gaps between your wood floors. The gaps or cracks can be minimized by using a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain the appropriate level of relative humidity. The appropriated humidity level will varied from one country to another. Normally, the relative humidity between 30-50% will help you to maintain the correct moisture in wood floors and reduce cracking, shrinking and bending.
Sun light
  • Wood  floors color can be gradually fade and yellowing when heavily exposed to the sun light for a long period. Thus, it is recommended for you to install curtain or blinder to prevent your wood floors from being constantly exposed to the sun light.
Heavy objects
  • Please do not drag heavy objects on the floors. Place heavy objects on the floors such as piano should be done very carefully to prevent the mass of such heavy object fall into a single spot on your wood floors.
Chemical substances
  • If there are some chemical substances such as detergent, cleaning chemical and coffee drop on the floors, please wipe off with damp cloth immediately.

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