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Ruang Utai: Your total solution for solid wood products

Ruang Utai Wood Industry is the manufacturer and exporter of solid wood housing components. We have been providing high and consistency quality products for our customers more than 18 years.
about us
We are looking forward to continuing our service to customers with high quality and great value products for both domestically and internationally. Our products are certified by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for their exceptional quality and standard.

Ruang Utai group is a fully integrated wooden products manufacturer. Our operations are mainly focus on
  • Saw mill and kiln dry
  • Housing components manufacturer
  • High quality particle board manufacturer.
Owning saw mill and kiln dry allowed us to control quality of our products at the very beginning of our production process, and secured the constant raw materials supplies for finish products. All products are made by sophisticated wood working machinery with modern technology to ensure high precision and consistency of finish products quality. We have further installed tight quality contra system over every details of our production by expert supervisors. As a result, products from Ruang Utai are skillfully neat, beautiful and high value for consumers. Professional builders are also benefited from the highand consistency production quality which will lead to lower rejection level and time saving upon installation.

Our products are made from recyclable plantation wood such as Rubberwood (Hevea Brazilliansis), Jamjuree and Eucalyptus. So, they are perfectly environmental friendly. Though the size of plantation wood is small, it can be utilized under the "Finger Joint Lamination" technology (FJL). Such technology helps laminated wood to have lower level of natural twisting and bending when compared with single piece of wood. Also, the laminated wood is better in term of structural strength as it can tolerate impact force almost 1.5 times of single piece of wood. With Ruang Utai techniques and cares, the joint and lamination are barely noticeable.

Now a day, majority of our products are exported to various countries such as Japan , United Kingdom, USA, Korea etc. Our products quality is reliable because our factory is certified by JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standard) for more than 10 years. And are made of Plantation Wood which help to preserve natural forest. We always use Formaldehyde Free materials so our products are rated as Super E-0 or F****. Our products also contain no Volatiles Organic Compounds which may harm your health and cause Sick House Syndrome

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