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Solid Wood: The solid foundati on for your house
House is the most important place in out life. Most of our daily life is revolving around the house. We worked so hard to be able to afford a nice home. So, it is a very important decision to commit as house owner and resident. You would certainly expect your house to last long and worth your money.

You would also need a house that has a delightful environment and good for the health of residents both physically and mentally. Therefore, the housing materials and parts of your house are very important and must be carefully selected. However, houses in the market recently were built under the economic and cost pressure. Low quality materials and improper material, which emitted undesirable chemical in the house, were widely used. This leads to the indoor pollution and negatively affects on house dwellers. From the research, indoor pollution is as important as outdoors pollution. "Sick House Syndrome" has often been mentioned and linked to the indoor pollution in many articles and among professional builders the most common complaints for Sick House Syndrome are eyes irritation, sore throat, coughs, headache, nausea and sleeping disorder.

The major causes of "Sick House Syndrome"
  1. Chemical Substances such as insecticide.
  2. Chemical Emissions such as Formaldehyde and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from some improper housing materials.
  3. Dust mites, model and fungus in carpets and mattresses.

As a result, it is importantly for both of house owner and professional builder to consider using high grade and natural materials such as solid wood housing products that do not contain dangerous chemical substances. While it will cost you more money, it is certainly worth for your money because

  1. Solid wood products are free from toxic chemicals which are the cause of "Sick House Syndrome"
  2. Solid wood products such as wood floors are very easy to clean and do not collected dust.
  3. Solid wood is a natural material. It provides a natural heat and cold insulations for your house. It also helps to stabilize the proper humidity level in your house through the natural moisture adjustment process. Thus, you will have a well conditioned house and a place to live comfort with good health all years round.
  4. The color and appearance of wood yield elegance beauty, classy taste and warm atmosphere for your house. It helps to create the tranquility and calmness among dwellers.
  5. Solid wood products are very durable and long lasting. They are also very easy to repair and renovate without costing you too much.

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